The Last Witch's Head at the Wall of Man's Ruin

This piece was originally done for a gallery show titled Grand Guignol II: HÄXAN which took place in 2011 at the Century Guild gallery in Culver City, California. It took nearly a month to complete and is a brush and ink piece on cold press bristol board.

This piece was also published in TOME II from 44 FLOOD, in 2015.


The Sacking of the City of Cub

The Sacking of the City of Cub is a piece that was originally done as an added incentive for anyone backing the original Cursed Pirate Girl Kickstarter piece. The artwork was roughly 12"x16" (which means the details posted here are considerably larger than they were originally) and took Jeremy nearly two months to complete. It was inked with a brush on cold press bristol board. 

This piece was re-printed by Les Éditions de la Cerise in 2014 and sold across Europe


While Jeremy's schedule no longer allows for brush and ink commissions, we wanted to share with you some of the pieces he has done in the past. Each piece has been sketched in pencil and then meticulously inked with a Kolinsky sable no.00 natural bristle brush. This brush, while very small, is sturdy enough to give the crisp and controlled line needed to complete these works.