Cursed Pirate Girl chapter 4

I know a lot of people probably didn't think this would ever happen but, I have a new issue of Cursed Pirate Girl coming out in Oct.

I'd like to say thank you for everyone who has waited so very patiently.  Chapter 4, which Archaia/BOOM! has labeled Cursed Pirate Girl Annual no. 1 will be out 
in stores Oct. 14th. Here's a look at the cover-
This is a 54 page issue that answers some of the questions of Cursed Pirate Girl's history, introduces new characters and puts CPG on a treasure hunt.  There will be 2 more chapters and then a collected vol. 2 hardcover.  If you've seen me at a comic con you will have heard my spiel or sales pitch but if you haven't, here you go :) 

Cursed Pirate Girl is the story of an orphan girl who calls herself the Cursed Pirate Girl and the search for her father.  She knows he's a Pirate Captain of the mythical waters known as the Omerta Seas.  She finds her way to the Omertas guided by a talking parrot named PepperDice where she meets the Swordfish Brothers- Sir Haftu and Sir Halek who decide to chaperone her on the quest to find her father.  Together they go from pirate ship to pirate ship trying to figure out which one is her father's and why she was abandoned in the first place.  The book is drawn at actual print size, so when you open it up what you see is exactly the same size as the original art.  It is not reduced.  I pencil it out pretty thoroughly and then I ink it with a size 00 brush.

I wrote the story of Cursed Pirate Girl as a 6 chapter story.  The blue book that Archaia published collects the first 3 chapters that were published individually through Olympian Publishing.  Chapter 1 was self published in 2006 and then reprinted through Olympian in April of 2009.
  Olympian then went on to publish chapter 2 in June of 2009 and chapter 3 in October of 2009. 
 Then we raised printing costs for a soft cover trade collection on Kickstarter.  Here is the link for that video and the campaign.  It was pretty successful.  Tom Negovan, the man behind Olympian Publishing and Century Guild, wanted to concentrate on furthering my art career and wanted to pass on the book publishing end to another company.  We discussed all the indie publishers and ultimately I decided on Archaia.  I was very impressed with their artistic direction, they go an extra mile or two in making something that is more of an art piece than just a book. 

I was actually originally signed with Archaia pre-Olympian publishing.  Before I even met Tom and shortly after I self published that first issue I talked with Mark Smylie at Archaia and he said he would like to publish CPG.  At the time though Mark only wanted to publish full color books.  So I went back and colored the first two chapters in photoshop.  It was difficult for me because 1- I'm not a great colorist, and 2- I really wanted it to be black and white.  I met Tom and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse, a chance to publish the book the way I wanted to and a way to sustain myself financially that I could afford to put the time into the book it really deserved.  Unfortunately for my audience it means you have to wait a couple of years in between chapters because I have gotten used to a certain personal standard in my work that is impossible to adjust.  But hey, in like another 10 years the complete story will be done and hopefully have been out there for a couple of years :)

I'm going to France

Well here's a blog post to out do my last blog post.  2013 was a pretty busy year, did a lot of shows and sold a bunch of books.  It certainly was nice to have books to sell.  I know we sold out of books at C2E2 and New York.  I hope we can do it again this year because I'm still working on book 1 of volume 2.  I'm hoping to be able to put that out in 2015.  This year will be dedicated to finishing that first book (there will be three books making up vol. 2) and beginning book two.  I think that can happen!  WOOOO!  I just finished a page yesterday (page 35 of book 1) that I spent about 40 hours on just stippling the background of the border.  You know how much I love borders.  It's really difficult not posting everything I complete.  I spend so much time on these pages but I can't share them because I don't want to spoil the experience when you open the book.  I do occasionally share tid bits through twitter or instagram but those pieces are tiny fractions of what I am creating for this next book.  I really can't wait to see what you all think. 

I will be starting page 36 in France.  Not the story line, CPG doesn't just magically turn up in France.  I'm going to France for two months.  Through the aide of my French publisher Les Editions de la Cerise (there's supposed to be a little mark over the E in Editions, but I've never been able to figure out how to do that on a keyboard, I'm technically hopeless) I have been accepted into the Chateau Brignon passage a l'art.  So I will be leaving for Bordeaux Mar. 26th and then traveling to Carbon Blanc where I will be staying and won't be returning until May 30th.  My amazing and kind publisher Guillaume has a bunch of places he wants to take me to while I'm there.  The French edition of the book will be coming out April 10th I've been told, so I will be doing some book store signings as well.  Here is what the French edition will look like-

I am extremely proud of what Les Editions de la Cerise has done with the book.  The whole thing looks really cool.  I thought it'd be difficult with all the type I put into the artwork itself, but they did a great job.  It will not have a couple of things the Archaia version does but it will also have a couple of things that the Archaia did not.  I can't wait to bring one of these home with me.  :) 

The first three weekends I'm going to be there I will be attending comic festivals, something I've always wanted to do.  I've attended plenty of shows here and one in Canada but the "European Comics Festival" has always seemed to me to be one of the pinnacles of this industry.  As is having your book translated into a different language.  These are the things the 15 year old me never dreamed possible as I copied Marc Silvestri Uncanny X-Men just hoping to be good enough one day to draw for DC, Marvel, Image or Dark Horse.  The idea I could write something that someone else would want to publish let alone across the ocean would have been laughable to that high school freshman.  I'm extremely excited and terrified for this epic adventure.  Needless to say I do not speak French.  Thankfully Emily will be coming along for a good portion of it.  She's aiming to spend about two and a half weeks there with me. 

The comic festivals I will be attending are
Carbon Blanc  Mar. 29th & 30th Bulles en Hauts de Garonne 
Bordeaux  April 4th - 6th Escales du livres
Aix en Provence  April 11th - 13th Rencontres du 9e Art

I'm actually on a list for that last one! 

I'm planning on doing up a special print specifically for my appearances there.  I will post the whole process as I go.  At least I hope I will.  It will depend on how frantic the rest of this upcoming month is.  There is so much I have to try to get accomplished.  For example- just bought a new iPod Classic for this trip but I'm still running on Mac OS X 10.5.8, so that needs to get updated and our internet connection really sucks.  As well as trying to get health insurance and doing my taxes.  Yay. 

On a different note, I have submitted some pieces to Spectrum to be judged tomorrow.  This is a first for me, I've been a fan of the book for years.  I've just never thought to try to get in.  Here is one of the pieces I submitted.  If you follow me on Instagram or saw me at a comic con last year you will have already seen this and maybe some of the progress on it.  I call it "Sounding of the Horn". 

I will have it available as a tea stained print at all the shows I have scheduled for this year and it is available on my webstore, I will also be putting up some con sketch commissions on my store starting tomorrow.  I will be missing out on a lot of shows at the beginning of the season and I need some funds for this expedition.  They will be on tea stained stock as before but I'm asking $200 a piece.   You will be able to buy them directly from the store.  No need for emails.  All you have to do is let me know what you would like in the comments.

London in t-minus 23 days

Yes, I am very honored to be a guest at the London Super Comic Con next month!  Here's a link to their site.  I have never been overseas before so this is going to be very exciting.   Emily and I are planning on staying through til the following weekend.  So we get about a week of sightseeing in.  The one place I'm really looking forward to visiting is Portsmouth and climbing all over the HMS Victory.  This will be the first convention I will have the hardcover Archaia edition of Cursed Pirate Girl available at.  I hope I've  some fans over there, I know I've mailed con sketches to England and Norway before so there is a chance.  The fine folks who put on the show asked me to contribute to their program book so I finished up a piece I was originally trying to have completed for the LA gallery show.  They have already posted the winner of the original on their FaceBook page so I guess I can post it here.  I am also using this as a new display poster for the show.

In other news, I have opened an online store.  Now everyone who cannot make it out to one of the few conventions I have on my schedule can still purchase a print.  I have all the tea stained prints I produce for shows available as well as the plushy Pook the Tarantula doll.  There will be more in the near future.  Here's the link to the store

Aaaaand speaking of the Archaia hard cover... I walked into a Barnes and Noble the other night, and regardless of what my wife says I didn't plan the trip just to look for this, but, I did see this little fellah on the top shelf.  It made my night.  So I thought I'd share this pic with you as well.

So thank you everyone who has purchased a copy of it, I owe you all so much.  Sorry it will be so long until you get more.  I am happy to report that I'm nearly half way done with the next issue and I think you will be quite pleased with it.  There's so much more going on in this next one. :)

Back from LA

So this past weekend was a dream come true.  I had my first gallery show, and people actually showed up! :)  It was held in the new Century Guild Gallery in Culver City and will be up until the end of next weekend so there is still some time to go see some original pages from the book as well as some other pieces Tom picked out for the show including the enormous CPG piece I did for the Kickstarter campaign.  I was really bad about taking pictures during the event, I sort of didn't take any... heh heh... but, Tom took a bunch before the show of the gallery and in one shot you can see the exhibit from across the room.  I'm working on trying to get more pics of the show and maybe of some of the pieces hanging there.  In the mean time check out Tom's gallery he put up on Face Book.  And here is a page just for the opening  that might have some more pictures you can check out too. 

We asked Archaia if they could get us advance copies of the book and they were able to fly in 100 of them.  I created a special limited bookplate and spent a whole day putting them in each copy myself.  We had to alter the original image I did for it due to them being letter pressed, which really means Tom had to zoom in to something like 800% to erase a bunch of stippled dots.  I heard it was a bunch of fun.  So here's the original image and the finished bookplate.

You really have to see it in person though.  The indent of the linework on that really nice cardstock is quite impressive.  Tom even made up bookmarks to give away with each copy.  I took a bunch home but he didn't give me tassels, I will have tassels soon though.  Oh, if you want to see the machine the bookplates were made on here is a link to them being made.  I guess there is a really nice letterpress shop just down the block from the gallery. 

I was also fortunate to be interviewed by about the book and the show, here's a link to that.  And an interview for Newsarama here.  It's great to see so many people as excited about this as I am.  I am so thankful so many people came out to the show, it really gets me excited to work on new stuff.  Thank you, thank you everyone who came out to show your support, I will keep striving to create strange new things for your entertainment... and mine of course. 

gearing up for the end of conventions and a BOOK RELEASE PARTY!!!

So I sent out a whole bunch of con sketches last week and I've opened the list for yet another convention this weekend.  But, it is the last convention of the year (for me at least).  So here are some of the many sketches I had left over from New York and Detroit.

I will be taking a considerably smaller number of sketches for the NC Comicon this upcoming weekend.  So if you like what you see here you can email me at  All these pieces you see here were commissioned from me at $100 per.

I will say this, I find doing convention sketches much easier when I am able to do what ever I would like.  It's easier to pick something strange out of my mind than to come up with a pose for a character that has been drawn hundreds of times before.  I am not saying I refuse to do Marvel character A or Wildstorm character B, but you will get something more personal and original if I'm left to my own machinations.  I don't know if you can relate to how difficult it is to draw a character that one- you are totally unfamiliar with and/or don't care about and two- you know that if you do a lackluster job on, will decimate the client who loves said character.  It's your money and I will do my best for whatever you would like. 

Thank you for indulging my whiny side for a bit. Now for some really cool news.
 This Dec. 1st at the new Century Guild Gallery at 6150 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA. 90232
We will be having a book release party/ art exhibit for Cursed Pirate Girl vol. one. Here's a link to their blog post.  And I've been told there will be a couple of the pages from the next issue for people to take a gander at.  I'm extremely excited about this, I received a copy of the hard cover from the Archaia offices in LA and I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I hope you will be too.  To make the show a bit more exclusive (besides the fact that you will be able to get the book before anyone else in the country) I just finished a bookplate that will be printed in a quantity of only 100 and these will be going into all the books we were able to get for the show.  Here's a sneak peak of the bookplate (I will prepost a blog post showing it in it's entirety for Dec. 1st so you can still check it out when others do)

The fantastically crazy folk of Century Guild are also cooking up something else for the show, we will see if it is indeed completed in time.  If not though there might be something really cool you will be able to purchase for that certain CPG fan, for the up and coming holiday season. :)

Oh and I forgot to post this-
Happy Holidays indeed!

post NYCC pre Detroit Fanfare (con sketch spoiler)

New York was amazing!  Met up with a bunch of friends, had some great food and made a few more fans (I hope).  This show I took on too many sketches, I'm still trying to finish them up.  I do have a bunch finished and I will share a couple now and then post the rest after I finish them up.  I will also be taking more sketches for the Detroit show.  So sometime next week expect a big art blog.  I was going to say dump but I thought I'd keep it classy.  Okay, so for some of you that are expecting sketches you might see it here, so- spoilers.

The Detroit Fanfare show is being held in Dearborn MI this year, so it's even closer to home.  Here's the website

Getting back to books that helped mold me into the artist I am now, I recommend Jack Prelutsky's Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep, illustrated by Arnold Lobel.  This was one of my favorite books in the Fletcher Elementary library.  I would check this book out whenever I could find it on the shelves.  I loved it! 

It was pretty much this book, the Garden of Abdul Asazi, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick and Jumanji.  Nightmares was my absolute favorite though, and I drew and redrew all the illustrations inside.  I even did a reading of The Dance of the Thirteen Skeletons for a 2nd grade class when I was in the 6th grade.  I was horrible, my stage fright didn't slacken even in front of a bunch of 8 year olds (that's right, right? 2nd grade-8 yrs).  I read a couple of the poems to Emily last night and I think a couple of puzzle pieces fell into place for her in regards to the fabric of my being.  :)

I had completely forgot about it for years and then I remembered the title of the piece I did for that classroom and so I googled it and found it online.  I finally broke down and bought a copy off of Amazon and it arrived yesterday.  Every turn of the page brought me back to elementary school and how I loved each illustration and the creepy poems that went with them.  While browsing online I discovered the duo of Prelutsky and Lobel had done a sequel The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight: More Poems to Trouble Your Sleep.  I will be getting that one shortly.  If you are a fan of Edward Gorey you will like these. 

New York Comic Con 2012

Well, it's Oct. 3rd and there are 8 days left until the NYCC of 2012.  Last year I attended the show mainly for the panel Kickstarter was putting on so I only stayed a couple of days and was not set up in artist alley.  This year I will be set up there in artist alley sharing a table with a friend.  I will tell you more later as I am not sure I should do it now.  I have just opened my con sketch list on twitter and facebook so I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of sketches done before the show.  Something I did for the Baltimore show and I really felt accomplished and able to relax post con.  If you are interested in a con sketch you can email me at, they are $100 a sketch and spots are limited.  Here are a couple of the ones I had left over from the Baltimore show. 

And maybe one day will make it possible for me to arrange thumbnails in such an easy way as to not make me want to punch the computer screen.  :p

But anyway... This time I want to take more pre show commissions and then maybe one a day at the show.  At least that's the idea.  I am looking forward to the show although I do have some bad news.  There will not be copies of the Archaia hard cover version of CPG vol. one available.  There has been a slight delay in the production of the books at the printer.  I've been told we might not even be able to get them in stores before Christmas.  I guess this is just how it goes with every aspect of Cursed Pirate Girl... sloooooowwly.  Nothing new with that, am I right?  :)  Archaia is printing up a special print they will have there at the show, so I will have something to sign.  And I think I'm on a panel, similar to the world building panel I was on in Chicago.  So look for the Archaia booth for signing times and their panel schedule in the program book.  Or hunt me down in artist alley.

Also, the artist alley will not be in it's regular spot.  If you haven't gone to the NYCC website which is here, you might not know this.  So I downloaded the map of the convention for you.  I'm not quite sure I know where this is but I'll be there come Thurs. night. 

Although this could be easier for people who are just coming in, since the ticket pick up is on the same level, who knows.  WOOOOOO!  Comic Con! 

Back from Baltimore, Talk Like a Pirate Day and the cons of Oct.

Just drove back from Baltimore this morning.  10 hours of staying awake while listening to Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams on audio book.  I'm glad that one started picking up, the last couple of books seemed to drag a bit.  So, to all those who might be looking here for the first time and think "Oh, good he must post regularly because I just saw him at the Baltimore Comicon" I'm afraid you will be sorely disappointed.  But at least for now here's some new stuff.  First I'll start off with a couple of birthday presents.  July was the month of creation for both David Petersen and my sister Julie, and here's what I gave them. 

 The witches were the second great race that controlled the waters and the lands they possess in the world of the Omerta Seas.  This is the witch Circ Aileg, the words at the bottom -Majiq Edoui Seccr- I concocted. They might actually translate to something, but I am completely ignorant of it.  For me it means "magic hides within".  I've been developing a lot of back story for the world that Cursed Pirate Girl takes place in.  Hopefully some day you will be able to see it.  :) 

(btw I got a new keyboard so now my parenthesis keys work!)

This is a piece for David's Harry Potter Gallery.  It's a quite impressive gallery, you can check out the rest of the gallery here. 

So I tried something different with my con sketch list for the Baltimore show and I think I like it a lot.  I took a lot of pre show requests the week before and then tried getting them done before the show.  It worked quite well.  I was able to get a lot more done than I usually do.  I took scans of some of them.


I've still got a couple to complete and put up.  Hopefully I will be able to do that sooner than later, but you know me...

Here are a couple of pieces left from San Diego, you might have seen them on Instagram. 

And to finish off the art, here's a piece I did for my friends Anthony and Meagan for their wedding.

 So, this upcoming Saturday, Sat the 15th is Talk like a Pirate Day.  I have been asked to talk about my comic at my local library here in Plymouth.  here's a link to their website where you can see the details.  The only problem with this is that I do not the hardcover edition yet.  But I will try to make it fun regardless. 

 The next comic show I'll be at will be the New York Comicon, I am not on their list online but fret not, I will be there in artist alley.  Now speaking of the hardcover edition of CPG vol. 1, I have been told that Archaia expects the books to be in stores in early November.  They also have said that they will be getting a shipment in so that there will be books available for the New York show.  I will try to get a hold of someone to confirm this.  So cross your fingers everyone, we could be a month away from seeing this thing! WOOOO!  I will be opening the sketch list for that show starting Oct. 7th.  After that you can find me at the Detroit Fanfare show the 26th through the 28th of Oct.  This year they are holding the show in back in Dearborn.  And that's a lot closer (to me) than last year's Cobo show.  Here's the link to their site. 

San Diego Comic Con [pre blog]

Tomorrow Emily and I leave for "the big show", San Diego Comic Con or SDCC for those who like to save time by saying or typing the full name.  I will be set up at the Century Guild booth not artist alley.  We will be located in the 2800 aisle at the back.  We're usually across from Pokemon and kiddie corner from Image.  Hey! I found a map!  So here's exactly how to find me.  go in through C [or D] and follow the orange path.  Look for big elaborate Paintings with impressive wooden frames and a glass case with antique art nouveau vases.  I will also tweet a pic of what it looks like when we're done setting up.  If you don't know, my twitter account is just @JeremyBastian .

I was hoping this would be the best show yet, but now I'm just hoping it won't be the worst one yet.  I have not heard any news about the Archaia hard cover version of Cursed Pirate Girl other than it will not be available at the show.  I don't know when it will be coming out.  Hopefully I will have copies for sale at the next convention I am attending.  So there's that.  I am going to be on a panel though, so that's good. Archaia Presents: How to Tell a Better Story Through World-Building, Sat from 6:00pm-7:00pm in room 9.  I will be joined by David Petersen [you might know that guy] and Royden Lepp of the Archaia title Rust fame.  Dave and I did a similar panel at C2E2 and I thought it went quite well.  Hope you come and check it out.  You can also see more of Dave and I talking about this subject here, we did a little web panel thing for people who might be interested in world building.    So watch that and then come and ask questions... or not.  And if you do watch it and come to the panel, ask Dave about his girly hair he had back then.  Hah!

One of the items I will be bringing with me to the show is a new [!] print.  I have been taking a large number of prints from show to show and it just seems a bit boring to have the same stuff available at every show.  I do this because I usually don't have time to work on pieces outside of the book.  This year I made some time.  I had about two weeks in between the Heroes Con in Charlotte and the San Diego show so I thought that would be the perfect amount of time to do up something new for people.  I also decided that instead of adding one more piece I'd have to haul from show to show year after year, I would make it a limited print.  I will still be stained with tea, the same way all my prints are, but I am only making 100 of them.  So being that they will run out at some time, I am asking $30 instead of the regular $20 for the other stained prints.  Here it is if you'd like a closer look before the show.
Century Guild will be bringing a Cursed Pirate Girl t-shirt for sale.  I'm really excited about this.  They turned out great. 

They will also have a couple of Gail Potocki t-shirts as well, and I can't wait to see those in person.  Here is a link to the shirts they've made, I don't know if all of them will be available at the show.  So we're leaving tomorrow morning and I'm really looking forward to the show!  Hope some of you are able to come and then be able to find me! 

I would like to take a sec to thank everyone who decides to put up the money for con sketches.  I know I have a couple of people waiting for sketches and I promise I will get to them.  Thank you for your patience. 

Post Planet Comicon/C2E2/Boston Comicon/Motor City Comicon

Yep it's been awhile.  So I just came home from the Motor City Comic Con and I was pleasantly surprised.  This might have been my most successful MCCC I've set up at.  So thank you very much everyone!  Thanks for stopping by the table and checking out my work.  Also thank you for all the fine folks who've stopped by my table in Kansas City for Planet Comicon, Chicago for C2E2 and in Boston for the great show they held there.  I'm glad you are all still interested in what I'm up to.  Especially when it takes several months to update this blog.  So here you go, here's some art.  These are all the CPG related sketches I've done thus far.

So those are all the piratey sketches I was asked to do.  I will be attending the Cherry Capital Con in Traverse City this upcoming weekend, hope to see some of you there.  Still waiting for the Archaia hardcover edition of Cursed Pirate Girl vol. 1 but here's the link to the book on Archaia's site.

You can see a preview of the book AND you can pre order it straight from Archaia right here or from Amazon right here.  So if you've liked what you have seen on this blog and you don't get out to any comic conventions and you live too far from a comic book store- there you go.  When they let me know when we are to expect the books to show up I will let you know.  I know that everyone at the Archaia offices really liked the proof pages they received from the printer.  I can't wait to get my advanced copy.

Here's the updated list of cons left on this year's schedule

May 25th-26th Traverse City, MI.  Cherry Capital Con
June 22nd-24th Charlotte, NC. Heroes Con
July 11th-15th San Diego, CA. San Diego Comicon
Sept. 8th-9th Baltimore, MD. Baltimore Comic-Con
Oct. 26th-28th Dearborn, MI. Detroit Fanfare
Nov. 17th-18th Durham, NC. NC Comicon

a new print... and where you can get it.

Well I just came home from the MSU Comics Forum in East Lansing and it was a pretty swell show.  I realizied I have been toting the same set of prints around for some time, I needed to offer something new.  So the past few days I've been furiously working on a new print and finished it up last night.  It got me thinking of the mythology of the Omerta Seas.  I've got a lot of ideas I'm going to be working into the story.  But, I can't tell you about them now.  Sorry.  Here's the print though, "the Sea King as a baby, saves his mother from the eel garden"

detail of the Sea King
I will have something in the background of issue one of vol. two, the Bright Star.  So when that comes out you will have completely have forgotten about this post anyway.  ;] .  And here's the con sketch I did for the show at MSU-

Queen of Blades
I really want to do a set of playing cards...  I just don't know when I will have the time...

So, here's a list of conventions I will be attending [thus far]:

Mar. 24th and 25th- Planet Comicon Kansas City, KS.
April 13th-15th- C2E2 Chicago, IL.
April 21st and 22nd- Boston Comic Con Boston, MA.
May 25th-27th- Cherry Capital Con Traverse City, MI.
June 22nd-24th- Heroes Con Charlotte, NC
July 11th-15th- San Diego Comic Con San Diego, CA.
Sept. 8th-9th- Baltimore Comic-Con Baltimore, MD.
Oct. 26th-28th Detroit Fanfare Dearborn, MI. 
Nov. 17th and 18th- NC Comicon Durham, NC.

I will be bringing prints to all of these.  I don't sell them online just because they are really time consuming and I can't keep a full stock on hand.  I print up and tea-stain what I need right before a show.  I will also be taking con sketch requests again, you could follow me on twitter to see when I open the list to those who can not travel to shows.  Just as long as you know it could take me a while to get it done and to get out to a post office. :]

Happy Holidays!

So thank you everyone who has stuck in there with me!  I'm glad you all seem to like what I have to show you.  Here's a piece I did for my good friend Mark Boss.  He is the curator of the Cursed Pirate Girl Yahoo group.  Hope everyone has a safe holiday season! 

and also... here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on for the Archaia hard cover CPG vol. 1 trade.  Now, if you've got a copy of that poster I did as an added incentive to the Kickstarter campaign or have seen the posts I've done on "that print" as I've called it here before, you might recognize the name of that little island in the Crusher Bay.  This was the inspiration for that print/poster.  I drew this map first and then decided to have the poster about this small island off the coast of the royal lands of the king.  Don't worry there is a LOT more to this map, I just don't want to give it all away now.  We're putting together something really special for this hardcover edition and I can't wait to tell you more.  But I will.  I will probably be dropping more tid bits from time to time though so there's your incentive to check back on a somewhat frequent basis.  Thanks again for your patience I will endeavor to make it worth your while.

A call for help!

So a little while ago my computer crashed and I lost a ton of scans of con sketches I had done at various shows. 

Emily wants to compile a sketchbook for next year but I need more images.  If you have received a con sketch from me prior to August of this year, please send me a scan if you can.  We'd appreciate it greatly!  You can email it to me at

FCBD 2012

So for Free Comic Book Day next year Archaia asked me if I would participate in a special hardcover graphic novel they will be offering for FREE at shops across the nation.  So I said yes.  For those who picked up the Cursed Pirate Girl #0 issue that Olympian Publishing came out with, the story in the Archaia FCBD will not be something you haven't already seen, although I cleaned it up a bit and re did the type on it so that it matches what people will find in the trade.  I am overwhelmed with the work I have to do for the next volume of CPG but I still wanted to be a part of this new hardcover so I asked if it was alright to reprint the #0 issue story in it.  They very kindly said yes.  I am very fond of this story and I'm glad more people will be able to see it.  Here is the official press release Archaia put out on Fri.

Original Graphic Novel Hardcover
2012 Free Comic Book Day
Retail Price:
Page Count: 48 pages
Format: Hardcover with no dust jacket (paper over board), 6” x 9”, full color
UPC: 811514010689 00311
Country: U.S.

Written by Jeremy Bastian, Nate Cosby, Royden Lepp, Jim McCann, Ted Naifeh and David Petersen
Illustrated by Jeremy Bastian, Chris Eliopoulos, Cory Godbey, Janet Lee, Royden Lepp and David Petersen
Cover by David Petersen

This Free Comic Book Day, Archaia offers readers the chance to experience history in the making with a FREE, gorgeous, 48-page, 6” x 9” full color hardcover original graphic novel featuring all-new material! David Petersen returns with an all-new Mouse Guard tale that’s guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings! Lose yourself once again in Jim Henson’s amazing world of Labyrinth, featuring a fantastical story from Eisner Award nominee Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin) and Cory Godbey (Fraggle Rock). Get a new perspective on Jet Jones in Royden Lepp’s critically acclaimed Rust, with a short story seen through the eyes of younger brother Oswald Taylor. Jeremy Bastian’s acclaimed Cursed Pirate Girl hits the high seas in this whimsical, swashbuckling tale of wonderland journeys and unimaginable dangers. Nate Cosby (Pigs) and Chris Eliopoulos (Franklin Richards) present Cow Boy, a comedy/western that tells the tale of a young bounty hunter determined to send his entire outlaw family to jail. And Jim McCann and Janet Lee follow up their Eisner Award-winning Return of the Dapper Men with an all-new short story that leads into the upcoming sequel, Time of the Dapper Men. Witness the origin of a new, major character! And…the return of 41?!

About Archaia Entertainment

Archaia Entertainment is a multi-award-winning graphic novel publisher with more than 50 renowned publishing brands, including such domestic and international hits as Mouse Guard, Return of the Dapper Men, Gunnerkrigg Court, Awakening, The Killer, Days Missing, Tumor, Syndrome, Artesia, The Engineer, and an entire line of The Jim Henson Company graphic novels, including Tale of Sand, which is based on an unproduced screenplay discovered in the Henson Archives. Archaia has built an unparalleled reputation for producing meaningful content that perpetually transforms minds, building one of the industry’s most visually stunning and eclectic slates of graphic novels. Archaia was named Graphic Novel Publisher of the Year according to Ain’t it Cool News, Graphic Policy, and Comic Related, and was honored with nine 2011 Eisner Awards nominations. Archaia has also successfully emerged as a prolific storyteller in all facets of the entertainment industry, extending their popular brands into film, television, gaming, and branded digital media.

And in case you were wondering Free Comic Book Day [or FCBD] is going to take place May 5th 2012 at every comic book store in the US [not really sure if they have it else where] and here is their website.  You can see what books will be on the tables in May.

a lot of sketches... on their way to your homes + Archaia!

Okay, I know I'm a bit bad with the whole "regularity" thing.  But, here's a whole lot of artwork!  This takes care of the last 3 conventions I've done.  The two little ones are taken from my phone and you might have seen them on my FB or the Twitter. 

So, what's next for me?  Well the very next show I will be at will be the Michigan State University's Comic's Forum on Sat. Feb. 4th.  I still have a couple more trades I will have there but that will be the last show I will have the Olympian Publishing version of Cursed Pirate Girl. 

Archaia Entertainment will now be the home for CPG!  I am very excited about this.  Olympian Publishing was the perfect place to introduce CPG to the world, as well as a great partner to brainstorm with about coming up with new things to accent the book with.  Archaia will help bring it to a much larger audience.  It's a bit of a 360 degree move as I had first signed with Archaia, but I'm very proud to be welcomed back.  The quality of books they are producing makes me very giddy to see how they approach my little story.  So you should be looking for that some time in the spring.  I will most definitely be posting when that appears in Previews.  Don't worry you will get a heads up when you can go to your local comic book shop and order it.  There will be a couple of differences from the Olympian version.  I'll be dropping some tid bits on you about that in the future months preceding the release. 

Scary Chicago show, Wandering in New York and Kermit

Well I just finished up a piece for a show in Chicago later this month.  Got it finished right under the wire.  The piece is called- the Last Witch's Head at the Wall of the Man's Ruin, the show is called Grand Guignol II: Haxan- Satan + the women who love him.  You can see more about this show here.  And here is a little sneak peek detail shot of my contribution to it.
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the opening of Haxan, Emily is putting on a horse show and I will be helping her out.  It should be a great show the list of artists is quite impressive.

I will be going to the New York Comic Con, but alas only as an attendee. has graciously asked Tom and I to be a part of their panel on Fri.  We'll be talking about how amazing Kickstarter is and tell you how easy it can be to get money for publishing your own project.  I will also be making an announcement about the future home of Cursed Pirate Girl at the panel, and I might have posters to hand out too!  Here are more details on the panel as well as who else will be up there.
This will be the first time I've attended a comic con without setting up in... 6 years[?].  It'll be fun though that just means I get to walk around a bunch and actually see a show.  I'll probably go pester these two since they will have tables there, David Petersen and Katie Cook.  I will also be dropping off a limited edition sketch cover CPG to my pal Jimmy Aquino for his Comic News Insider charity raffle.  I'll try posting a scan of it just before I leave next Thurs.

The next show I will be setting up at is the NC comicon.  I had a great time last year and they said I could come back this year, so I am.  I like NC, you guys rock, you've been good to me in the past so let's hope the same goes for Nov.  Here is more on that show.

Here are some con sketches that I was able to complete from the Cincinnati Comic Expo and the Detroit Fan Fare.  Both of which I had a great time at.  For the Cincinnati show Emily and I were lucky enough to spend some time with the talented Tony Moore and his wife the amazing Kara Fairfield.  They were both really cool and welcomed us into their home, they might be giving Guy Davis a run for his money as the nicest person in the comic biz.  I'd love to see a three way nice-off, maybe at next year's C2E2... eh?  Anyway, thanks a lot for being so frickin welcoming!  Aaaaaand now here are some pictures, enjoy...?

What I had left from Baltimore

So this is a new one, I actually have finished all the sketches I had left over from Baltimore.  Thank you very much to everyone who stopped by the table or contacted me via email to commission these. 

Ironically I did all these while listening to the audio book of It.  That's such a cool creepy book.  I really have got to get an audible account.  So the next show I'll be at is the Detroit Fanfare show at Cobo Hall in just a couple of weeks.  I'll open up the list for con sketches the week preceding the con, again there will be 8 available slots.  I'll only take 4 before the show and the other half during.  If you're interested they will be $100 for something like you see here.  You can email me at  

post Comicon post... heh

Ok, last week was the San Diego Comicon.  As I'm sure a lot of you already know.  Highlights of the show for me [since I was stuck behind a table for the whole time] were-
   I got to shake hands and meet with Aaron Horkey [!!!!!] I think this guy is a genius and here's some proof.
   I attended the Eisners and saw a lot of people I sorta know win awards for being extremely talented, and one guy I really know win an award for being extremely talented and for what turned out to be a great idea.  Congratulations Mr. David Petersen and all those who participated in his Mouse Guard anthology book Legends of the Guard.  Which I had a lil story in myself I might add.
   I met Andy Serkis, whom I highly admire, and got to shake his hand as well.  I thought I did a pretty good job of not totally geeking out all over him.  I am happy his kids seemed like they really liked Pook [that's a character from my book and it is not misspelled, it ends with a "k"]. 
   Ooh I also saw Ron Perlman walk by as we were getting Pink Berry one night.
   Emily and I picked up a couple of great books [not so much comic related], I found a copy of The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated by K.Y.Craft and Emily found a great !! copy of Anderson's Fairy Tales illustrated by Harry Clarke.  Which I did not know existed.
    And just having a great time after the show every night with friends and going to great restaurants and eating great food.

 I had a great spot this year and met a lot of new fans, current fans, and surprised a bunch of people who had never heard of me before.  Here are a few con sketches I did over the week we were there.  Spoiler alert! to those I owe these to.

Queen of Hearts and Alice
forest demon

Victorian Emily
Knight of the Omertas
CPG coat of arms
CPG fishing

 Over all SDCC was great!  Thank you so much Katie and Ryan for making the show even better and a lot closer.  I love doing that show and I'm always looking forward to it throughout the year.  It does take a lot out of you, I'm in day 3 of recovery.  Our plane left San Diego around 10:30 mon. night and we didn't get home until 11:00pm tues.  Still trying to work through all the con sketches that I owe people from previous shows. 

Now I have the Baltimore Comicon just up ahead Aug. 20th and 21st!  It looks to be a really great show and a much lighter con.  Baltimore is boasting such great guests as Stan Lee, Bernie Wrightson, Adam Hughes, Geoff Darrow and so many more.  Check out their site here.  I really look forward to this show every year too, it's in a really nice spot and has lots to offer.  Hope to see you there!