my very favorite book

Before I get into the titular topic I would like to thank a couple of blokes.  Mark Boss, Zack Smith, and Julio Pech.  These three gents have gone a considerable length in getting people interested in Cursed Pirate Girl.  Mr. Boss is solely responsible for this , the Cursed Pirate Girl Yahoo group.  There are tons of images of artwork for CPG, commission pieces, and even windows I had painted for the art store I used to work at.  I highly recommend signing in.

Well, my favorite book is called "the Ship's Cat".  I have mentioned this book before in various interviews but I have never really gushed, until now.  Have a look see-

Without this book I probably wouldn't be the artist I am now.  It is written by Richard Adams and illustrated by Alan Aldridge.  I grew up with this book and I think every one should own a copy.  Every time I see it in a used book store I have to resist buying it again and again.  It wasn't until about 4 years ago I discovered a series of other books he illustrated that I have become equally obsessed with.  
These books are absolutely marvelous!  You NEED these books!!  They all go deep into the fabric of Alan's imagination and it is a great experience.  That's all, you can thank me later.